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Our 6 MM Pink Zebra, White Lava and White Jade Energy Bracelet is one you will want to wear every day. Paired with Rose Gold colored beads it is stunning and full of Energy that brings joy, love, stability and more.  Dab some essential oil on the White Lava beads and carry your fave aroma with you.

Pink Zebra is a heart chakra stone that brings contentment and joy.  It has gentle and calming effects to help with anxiety and to promote relaxation.

White Jade has powerful healing energies that purifies the energy of your heart.  It increases and enhances the energy of love in your life.

White Lava is a root chakra stone that is purifying, stabilizing and grounding because it's strong connection to the Earth.

🤍Joy, Love + Stability, all representing friendship.


- use measuring tape or yarn with a straight ruler

- add 1/2 inch to your measurement or round up to the next size as there are no 1/2 sizes.

- average bracelet size is 7 in.